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Pie throwing (University of Southern California), 1954

Pie throwing (University of Southern California), 1954

04-05. Reporter: Adler. Assignment: Pie throwing, USC. 59/60, 73/74: Dr. Harvey J. Locke, professor of sociology, getting hit with pies. 89/90, 39/40: Johanna Pick, member of El rodeo yearbook staff, getting hit. 5/6/33/34: Bill Van Alstyne, candidate for student body president, gets hit. 65/66/79: George Root, senior class prexy, getting hit with pie. 80/3: Warren Clendening, student body president, getting hit. 4: John Garr, prexy of School of Letters Arts and Sciences, gets hit by Janelle Armstead".


From Examiner-Gallery-9